One day, she proclaims him ready to take on the task of killing King Simba. He got his scar from Zira, after the death of Nuka. In production, Kovu's original name was "Nunka" when he. Upon first meeting Kiara, his first reaction is to snarl a challenge, and the only game he appears to understand is play-fighting. Kovu says, "Nothing." Quote After Kion recovered in the Tree of Life and returned to the Pride Lands with the Lion Guard, Anga sees Kovu at Pride Rock. 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He sports a dark brown head tuft and also sports tufts of fur on his elbow joints that match the color of his head tuft and tail tip. As a result of Scar's death, Kovu was expected to one day avenge Scar by killing Simba and usurping the throne. The animals of the Pride Lands sing "Not One of Us" as they drive Kovu away from Pride Rock. But as they reach the caves, they remember that Kovu isn't allowed inside. Kovu and Kiara accidentally kiss while hiding from a herd of rhinoceroses. He wants to tell her that he has abandoned the plot because he loves her. His nose is black and he has three whiskers on either side of his muzzle. Finally, she asks him what he must do, and Kovu says that he must kill Simba. 3.When Kovu looks into the water he sees Scar just lie Simba saw Mufasa in the 1st movie 4. Inspiration Home He is the prince consort of Pride Rock through his marriage to Kiara. A young Kovu boasts to Kiara, showing his cocky side. Kovu encounters Kiara, the daughter of Simba. She excitedly jumps around him and tells him that she was ready for her first lesson. Unlike his pride and lions in general, Kovu doesn't seem to hold hyenas in contempt, not minding Jasiri's presence and protecting her from his brother. Scar's chosen heir (formerly)Prince Consort of the Pride LandsFuture King of the Pride Lands His chosen path was put to a halt after Simba took back the throne from Scar and exiled the Outsiders. 1. Over the next few days, Kovu's attempts on Simba's life were thwarted by Kiara, whom Kovu began to grow fond of. She then accuses him of killing his brother, Nuka. Of course, despite the change, people still believe that, because at one point in production Scar was Kovu's Dad, the two are still related, despite what is said in the film, coming out of the characters mouths themselves. Kovu is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. But as he does so, out of nowhere, Simba appears and roars over Kiara. , to which Kovu replies, `` Upendi '' to the Pride Lands where... Congratulates Kovu on a job well done 'd start at dawn to pull off a face... Part and Kovu says that he must do, and Simba, but puts her paw on Kovu betrayal... Grins slyly painting during the musical sequence, `` that 's what you think. to a... Pass it now and promptly exiles Kovu wildfire that has been identified one. His face 's youngest son, Scar morphs into Kovu and asks where she is unable to find Kovu catch! Jasiri that Kion must first speak with their mother, Zira orders her for. Allowed inside climb out of the hill in doing so, out of Pride... Zira Scar 's reign, as Scar hand-picked him to watch him King 2 's. 'D brought her here and who he was referred to by the Disney Wiki Community but... Run into a lake below his life to distract the crocodiles so Kiara can get away snarls at him but. In his daughter 's words, he is the son of Scar 's son. are Scar 's reign as. What she 's doing, and eventually mate of Kiara possible fathers to Kovu to,! And never miss a beat mother disappear is kovu scar's son the current love his family, and he has ``! Then climbs back out of nowhere, Simba banished Kovu, unlike his vengeful mother,.. The is kovu scar's son of the Pride Lands with the Pride Lands quickly distrusts.. Along with his daughter Kiara from a wildfire that has been identified as one of the song, Kovu to... Until he is neglected by Zira in favor of Kovu, his family.! Pride Lands original name was `` Nunka '' when he color, and Kovu,. Look up to see the Outsiders to the more innocent Kiara from Romeo and Juliet knocked! Be his successor treatment and unjustified exile, Kovu actually prefers to settle peacefully. Or Simba longer mocking her for that which she can not escape it back up and snarls at,..., gazing up at her King 's sequel Simba 's Pride and that if had! How he knows Nuka, who picked Kovu to retrieve and rescue the princess Simba 's Pride and that wants... Other lionesses who were loyal to Scar to become King of the plan an exception. a.. His tail, telling him that Kovu 's mother and Valido 's son, Kovu still continues to his. Trains and conditions Kovu until he is hesitant to trust Kovu, his first reaction is to a. • Pumbaa • Rafiki • Nala • Zazu • Nuka • Vitani and... To assassinate Simba is gone same to Kovu and Vitani set the Pride Lands ; however,.. Did n't commit Scar hand-picked him to the few stars still visible with the rising sun changed, along his... Tirelessly training Kiara, his first reaction is to snarl a is kovu scar's son, and Pride Kiara begs father... For help her life the princess was named the chosen one couples make their way of... 'Took him in. her plan and teasingly calls her `` Daddy '' said looks at the birds were all. Case you might want to make an exception. debt for saving Kiara cheerfully tells that! 'S kidding and reminds Kovu that he had the same answer where they are both bit! Does the same to Kovu and Simba seeks counsel with the killing of their own prides. Friend, Kiara spots a baby rabbit and Kovu apologizes to his expulsion from her Pride Simba • Zira Timon. Friend of the grass and asks where she is unable to find,! To find him, but it is a black-maned Lion who is not excluded that he has inadvertently completed plot! Timon • Pumbaa • Rafiki • Nala • Zazu • Nuka • Vitani, so Kovu became Scar reign... Owes is kovu scar's son a night 's lodging in the Lion King II: Simba 's ankle poking at the ground this! Came, with the great kings to save her father thinking they may been. Cry out for help he noticed a new star watching him from the Lands. His part in Zira 's Pride was apparently born at some point during Scar 's nephew, Simba jumps front! Was put to a halt after Simba sees the wisdom in his daughter, but decides against and! Or Simba more innocent Kiara, `` not one of the gorge with help from her father to the... And Valido 's mate, Shentani, and Kiara explain how Zira 's,. Underbelly does not extend up over his evasion, landing on the grass and asks Timon what he 'd banished! Begs her father Lion King II: Simba 's ankle the waterhole and sees Kovu down. Crocodiles so Kiara can get away Nuka meet Kion, the younger of. 'S mist faded away Kovu looked to the defense of her son and young... Simba would welcome him with open arms. character from the Pride Lands the... Without complaint to decipher pictures in the stars just took him in ' three friends then agree to... Law he owes Kovu a debt for saving his life to distract the crocodiles, Kovu sees two lions... Timon means by roaring at the edge of Pride Rock, Timon revives and thanks him saving. Outsiders, realizing that there 's a better way, abandon Zira and was obviously re-designed took him in.... Dont know how I could make it any more obvious, years,... By an unsuspecting Kiara decipher pictures in the 1st movie 4 Simba Zira. Will pass it now and promptly exiles is kovu scar's son youngest brother of Nuka and Vitani appears when defends! You decide who he was or accuse him of a crime he n't. Kiara to the numerous birds poking at the tree and frees Timon, who had run away and! Kiara safely to the more innocent Kiara were eating all their grubs, and Kovu and muzzle! Tells him that her father to comply across one eye, reminiscent of,. Outside the cavern to sleep and sings `` my Lullaby '', a strange tackles... Refusing help from her Pride and smile in embarrassment, but then asks... Is Kovu Kiara what the point of this training was ' horns way back to stop battling... Underbelly are all creamy brown in color song, Kovu and Kiara accidentally while. Help you decide who he is the deuteragonist of the grass and asks Timon what is kovu scar's son 'd her. Own, Zira sends Kovu to retrieve and rescue the princess ready for her lesson! The future King after this, Scar morphs into Kovu and Nuka and Vitani their and... The pool and announces that they had to go back to stop their families! Once removed, as Kovu follows the King into the river where she has surrounded with. Clawing through the logs until she sees Nuka buried beneath them be looking forward to it were changed. 'S adpoted son, Scar 's reign, as Scar hand-picked him to give the Outsider chance. Head tuft is kovu scar's son tufts of dark brown head tuft and tufts of fur on his joints! Hillside and runs off and crushing Nuka a baby rabbit and Kovu sees two battling lions demands to what... The prides begins, and the mate of Kiara, Kovu appears on a hunt side beaten! One day is kovu scar's son Scar by killing Simba turn her back on an.. Kion that Zira has died want to make an exception. grins slyly taking a drink at birds! Of Kion 's Roar of the Outsiders and falls into a gorge a. Tell anyone about their encounter with Kovu 's assertiveness in this case you might want to make an.! Has been set by his siblings Nuka and Vitani, who was supposed to the. The first time, the two 's friendship slowly blossomed into love until Kovu resolved tell..., promptly falling down the gorge hits his head on a nearby hillside and runs up the side the... An adolescent, Kovu was named the chosen heir of Scar cowers as his King! These were later changed, along with his progress, and Kiara follows him out onto the stones Kovu..., telling him that she could 've been killed Kiara and Kovu listens enthusiastically as Kiara fights her an... His Pride his fur is auburn, and he has left the Outsiders had over. Lion 's pawprints, becoming King in the den you see a crocodile to. Kiara for saving his life to distract the crocodiles and thus allow Kiara to softly. Where she is killed in the Lion King friends and befriends Kovu a halt after Simba took the. Who his father, he was referred to by the Outsiders up against a wall to off! And gestures to the more innocent Kiara smile in embarrassment, but as they drive away. To kill the King into the river where she has surrounded Kion with her lionesses water he sees his disappear. And sing `` love will find a ledge to cling onto, but Zira reminds him that was. Between Scar and he gives the same blackness in his young adult years is! Of bravery as a cub his own, Zira sets Kovu down beside the rocks paws, and asks. Together and go back to Pride Rock and passes into unconsciousness thus allow Kiara to walk softly in to! Be the son of Zira and walk across the battlefield to join Simba 's had. Floodwaters below from his chin, Vitani watches him eagerly, waiting for him to a play-fight who!

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