Pecan Pie. "Say hello to my little friend!" Browse Our Menu GF (Gluten-Free) versions are available! Don't miss out! Express Slices sold at Dine-In locations Only! When the Summer months hit, Port Jefferson Village is jumping and the hottest spot in town is The Pie. [11] Pie menus just like any popup menu are shown only when requested, resulting in less visual distraction and cognitive load than toolbars and menu bars that are always shown. [5], In 1986, Mike Gallaher and Don Hopkins together independently arrived at the concept of a context menu based on the angle to the origin where the exact angle and radius could be passed as parameters to a command, or the radius could be used to trigger a submenu. Pours like a fine Ale. Great for groups! Fresh Spinach, Artichokes, Sicilian Spiced Tomatoes, Red Onions, Feta Cheese, Mozzarella and Pizza Sauce. Derby Pie. Sweet BBQ sauce with Oven roasted chicken breast, smoked Gouda and aged Mozzarella - topped with fresh cut cilantro. Around 3-12 items can be reasonably accommodated in a radial layout, but additional items past that tend to counteract the benefits of using pie menus in the first place. By using this site you agree to Zomato's use of cookies to give you a personalised experience. Pie menus are unavailable as standard graphical control element in common commercial toolkits. A pie menu is made of several "pie slices" around an inactive center and works best with stylus input, and well with a mouse. [7], The role-playing video game Secret of Mana featured an innovative icon-based radial menu system in 1993. Cajun Pot Pie. Menu. Additional charges may apply. Drinks. Two mouth-watering meatballs smothered in The Pie's homemade pasta sauce on a bed of Italian Spaghetti. Savannah River Mud. Seasonal Pie Spot Flavors. Our house Pepperoni blended with diced Pepperoni marinated in Tabasco Sauce, - Vegan option is available. Iceberg & Romaine Lettuce, Smoked Ham, Mozzarella Cheese, Red Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Fresh Mushrooms, Tomato, Fresh Carrots, and Garlic Croutons. A generous portion of oven roasted Chicken Breast is tossed with a mix of crisp Romaine Lettuce, Garlic Croutons, Parmesan, Mild Banana Peppers, and a tangy Ceaser dressing. In user interface design, a pie menu (also known as a radial menu) is a circular context menu where selection depends on direction. Open Menu Close Menu. Some universities explored alternative visual layouts. For the expert, the pie menus are more efficient. Order your pie online and have it delivered. Chicken Enchilada Pasta Hasta la Pasta. Available dressings: Iceberg & Romaine Lettuce, Crispy Bacon, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Red Onions, Oven Roasted Chicken, Hard-Boiled Egg, and Tomatoes. Lois the Pie Queen Lois the Pie Queen Lois the Pie Queen. © 2020 The Pie Pizzeria | Salt Lake City, UT. 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM 99% of 67 customers recommended. To ensure prompt service, please let us know in advance if you plan to bring a large group. Menu. As a kind of context menu, pie menus are often context-sensitive,[4] showing different options depending on what the pointer was pointing at when the menu was requested. Expand Menu. 10AM -9PM. We also have 2-liter bottles and/or 6 packs available for Delivery or Take-out. The first documented radial menu is attributed to a system called PIXIE in 1969. We are Vancouver and Burnaby's best pie shop. Modo for Noobs: Shortcuts Part 1 - The Pie Menu's Slash and Burn Workflow - Duration: 6:28. Ind. $1.65 COFFEE - 12 OZ $1.23 Coffee - 16 oz. 9AM -3PM. $30-LG. LOCAL DELIVERY & PICK UP; NATIONAL SHIPPING; ORDER CATERING ONLINE; LOCATIONS; CATERING; ABOUT US. We have a nice selection of local beers on tap as well as several domestic and imports in the bottle. Pie slices are drawn with a hole in the middle for an easy way to exit the menu. When using pie menus, submenus may overlap with the parent menu, but the parent menu may become translucent or hidden. Includes Ranch and Pizza Sauce. Successfully reported! $20. Meat Pizzas. Additional charges may apply. Cheese, Pepperoni or Fresh Tomato slice and Dinner Salad. It's only available for … Oven Roasted Chicken, Tangy BBQ Sauce, Pineapple, Red Onions and Mozzarella. "An empirical comparison of pie vs. linear menus". Pie menus take up more screen space than linear menus, and the number of slices in an individual menu must be kept low for effectiveness by using submenus. Canadian Bacon, Juicy Pineapple, Marinara, and Mozzarella Cheese. Within our website, you will find an updated menu. A perfect blend of spicy Thai peanut sauce, chicken breast, carrots, red onions, pineapple, fresh basil and chopped cilantro on a thin crust topped with light mozzarella and toasted sesame seeds. Iceberg & Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Fresh Carrots, and Garlic Croutons. (Breadsticks topped with cheese) 14” Crust topped with Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese, then brushed with Olive Oil and sprinkled with Garlic, Oregano, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses. « Click here for Menu. MENU . Our Menu . Sweet Potato Pie. The Pie Hole Fresh Pies. White Cucumber Yogurt Sauce, Gyro Meat, Mozzarella and Feta Cheese, topped with Fresh Cut Tomatoes, Red Onions and a squeeze of Lemon on Thin Crust."Opa! Hand tossed dough stuffed with a creamy mixture of fresh Spinach Leaves, Artichoke Hearts, Whipped Cream Cheese and Mozzarella - Topped with fresh cut Basil, Romano Cheese and diced Tomatoes marinated in a sweet Balsamic reduction. Includes Ranch and Pizza Sauce. "Look Out!". Since there are many hotkey changes each menu can be deactivated in the add-on’s preferences. Experienced users use muscle memory without looking at the menu while selecting from it. Six Buffalo Wings. Additional charges may apply. Order food online at The Folded Pie, Richland with Tripadvisor: See 29 unbiased reviews of The Folded Pie, ranked #50 on Tripadvisor among 171 restaurants in Richland. 135 were here. Pie, The Ultimate Comfort Food. Random Sweets. (Monday thru Saturday), Build your own slice 2.50Additional Toppings (3 max) - Prices vary, Build your own slice with up to three toppings from the list below 5.25Additional Toppings (3 max) - Prices varyCooking Time: 10 - 15 Minutes, Meat ToppingsPepperoni / Smoked Ham / Genoa Salami / Breakfast Bacon, Veggie ToppingsNon-Dairy Cheese / Mild Banana Peppers / Roasted Garlic Cloves / Fresh Mushrooms / Black Olives / Green Olives / Green Peppers / White Onions / Red Onions / Cooked Tomatoes / Fresh Sliced Tomatoes / Fresh Spinach / DOLE Pineapple / Jalapeños / Fresh Cut Cilantro, Gourmet ToppingsTabasco Pepperoni / Vegan Ground Beef / Thick Canadian Bacon / Gyro Meat / Oven Roasted Chicken Breast / Cajun Link Sausage / Italian Meatballs / Artichoke Hearts / Sun-Dried Tomatoes / Sicilian Spiced Tomatoes / Smoked Gouda Cheese / Gorgonzola Cheese / Feta Cheese / Sharp Cheddar Cheese / Fresh Cut Basil. Our Large Slices of Pizza are ready in minutes. Pie menus work well with keyboard acceleration, particularly four and eight item menus, on the cursor keys and the number pad. 5 Slices of Your Choice! Breadsticks in a pan) 14” Crust brushed with Olive Oil and sprinkled with Garlic, Oregano, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses. The Pie is one of the few locations on Long Island that serves authentic coal fired pizza and the only place to get pizza this unique. $14. Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Genoa Salami, Italian Sausage, and Ground Beef. Moreover, novices can gradually become experts when they practice the same pie menu selection for many times and start to remember the menu and the motion. Cinnamon Rolls. 3D Viewport Pie Menus¶ Individual menu Activation. This advantage comes from knowing which direction to go to even as the menu is being initialized. Please visit to see our fantastic selection of local craft beer, wine and signature cocktails. Skip to content. 1379 Route 30 Laughlintown, PA 15655 (724) 238-6621. Catering. Our Story Current Page: Menu Photos Our Menu . In some cases, only when used more slowly like a traditional menu, does a pie menu pop up on the screen, to reveal the available selections. Whether you're part of our local community or just visiting, our family friendly atmosphere is the place to be. Prices and selection vary. Please feel free to save and print this menu for your convenience. ", 12" Medium (6 slices)Cheese Only 9.99 Meat & Veggie Toppings 1.49 eachGourmet Toppings 2.25 eachSeafood Toppings market, 14" Large (8 slices)Cheese Only 12.99Meat & Veggie Toppings 1.75 eachGourmet Toppings 2.49 eachSeafood Toppings market, 16"  Super Large (8 slices)Cheese Only 14.99Meat & Veggie Toppings 2.25 eachGourmet Toppings 2.99 eachSeafood Toppings market, 23" Giant (16 slices)Cheese Only 27.99Meat & Veggie Toppings 3.99 eachGourmet Toppings 6.49 eachSeafood Toppings n/a, Meat ToppingsPepperoni / Smoked Ham / Genoa Salami / Italian Sausage / Breakfast Bacon / Ground Beef, Seafood ToppingsAnchovies / Bay Shrimp / Smoked Oysters, Veggie ToppingsNon-Dairy Cheese / Mild Banana Peppers / Whole Roasted Garlic Cloves / Fresh Mushrooms / Black Olives / Green Olives / Green Peppers / White Onions / Red Onions / Cooked Tomatoes / Fresh Sliced Tomatoes / Fresh Spinach / DOLE Pineapple / Jalapeños / Fresh Cut Cilantro, Gourmet ToppingsTabasco Pepperoni / Vegan Ground Beef / Gyro Meat / Oven Roasted Chicken Breast / Cajun Link Sausage / Linguica Sausage / Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms / Italian Meatballs / Artichoke Hearts / Sun-Dried Tomatoes / Sicilian Spiced Tomatoes / Smoked Gouda Cheese / Gorgonzola Cheese / Feta Cheese / Sharp Cheddar Cheese / Fresh Cut Basil / Garlic Ranch Sauce / Canadian Bacon / Pesto Sauce. Looking for something different to eat? Mix & Match! Chicken Pot Pie. Because they might have built up the muscle memory for certain menu actions, and able to select the option they want without looking the pop up selections. Pie menus are most suited for actions that have been laid out by humans, and have logical grouping choices. Don't miss out on this one! Spicy Apocalyptdough .35 / .50  / .70 / 1.40. Among the pies that have been served at The Pie Hole are: Rhubarb, Three Plum, Triple Berry, Lemon Meringue, Sweet Potato, and Dutch Apple. Join us for great Southern style cooking! 3 reviews. Pie Pints. Express slice of the day is listed above on the left under the title "Slice of the Day". Sweet Pies. [6], The first performance comparison to linear menus was performed in 1988 showing an increase in performance of 15% less time and a reduction of selection errors. $39.99 . From our proprietary scratch made cakes, icings, pie fillings and crusts to our small batch ice creams it’s hard to find a sweeter menu! Pie menus can work with a variety of pointing devices — not just mice, but also pens, trackballs, touchscreens, and (if you’ll pardon the hand waving) … Saturday. $21. Video games often require custom widget development, so pie menu cost is lower in that particular scenario. Don't miss out on this one! In a hurry? Fresh seasoned oven roasted Chicken Breast with Smokey BBQ sauce smothered with Mozzarella Cheese in a 6" Hoagie bun. IN SANTA MONICA. *Extra charge for Express Slice of the Day. The Pie's hand tossed dough layered with a creamy mixture of whipped Cream Cheese, Fresh Spinach leaves, Artichoke Hearts, Chicken Breast, Mozzarella Cheese and a touch of tangy Marinara - Baked and topped with diced Tomatoes, fresh-cut Basil and a drizzle of sweet Balsamic reduction. Curbside Pickup Available. Pies at The Pie Hole are marked at $5.95 a slice, or $5.95 for an individual cup-pie. Come on In! Pie menus are faster and more reliable to select from than linear menus, because selection depends on direction instead of distance. Please read the cookie policy for more information or to delete/block them. 13 individual menus to choose from. About Us. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough half baked in our oven topped with a heaping scoop of real Vanilla ice cream, finished with a drizzle of sweet Caramel, rich Chocolate, and Whipped Cream topped with a cherry. Small (Serves 1) 2.99 / Large (Serves 4 - 6) 9.99. Please contact the restaurant directly. By clicking and popping up a pie menu, looking at the labels, moving the pointer in the desired direction, then clicking to make a selection, users learn the menu and practice the gesture to "mark ahead" ("mouse ahead" in the case of a mouse, "wave ahead" in the case of a dataglove). Pesto Base, Blue Cheese, Pear and Caramelized Onions, Topped with Walnuts and Balsamic Glaze. Mozzarella Cheese and Pizza Sauce, Fresh Mushrooms, Black Olives, Onions, and Green Peppers. Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms, Oven Roasted Chicken, whole roasted Garlic Cloves, Sicilian Spiced Tomatoes, Parmesan and Basil Pesto Sauce tossed with Spaghetti and a touch of truffle Oil. Mozzarella Cheese and Pizza Sauce, Fresh Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Onions, and your choice of (pick one) Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Canadian Bacon or Genoa Salami. $4-Mini Loaf. Served with a side of creamy horseradish. For novice users, pie menus are easy because they are a self-revealing gestural interface: They show what you can do and direct you how to do it. Try it with our spicy Cajun Link Sausage! $9. MORE PHOTOS . Spicy, Spicy BBQ, Spicy Teriyaki, Spicy Thai, or Buffalo. Served with 2 fried pork chops, 2 eggs any style, choice of hash browns, grits or rice. TO GO Menu. 18.75. [1] A slice can lead to another pie menu; selecting this may center the pointer in the new menu. NOW OPEN IN GELSON’S MARKET. Order now. Main Menu Sweet. This can be overcome with related techniques that allow chaining commands in one single gesture through submenus. With a little practice, it becomes quite easy to mark ahead even through nested pie menus. 1 Pot Pie, 1 Kale Salad, 1 Pie Hole, 1 - 16oz Beverage . … A Meal For You. You won't regret it... Smoked Ham, Juicy Pineapple, Marinara, and Mozzarella Cheese. Out of Date Menu; Incorrect Contact Information; Other. 6:28. Tomato Sauce Base, Bocconcini, Pepperoni, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms topped with Basil. (Breadsticks in a pan) 14” Crust brushed with Olive Oil and sprinkled with Garlic, Oregano, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses. OUR COFFEE; SHIPPING POLICY; CAREERS ; CONTACT; 323.963.5174; Search for: Home PSAdmin 2021-01-04T16:27:18+00:00. Savory Pies. 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